Companion Animals

Animal emergencies create danger for animals and their owners if they are unprepared. Lack of preparation leads to unnecessary tragedy, human injury, and economic loss. As a matter of fact, One of the primary reasons people may not evacuate their homes in an emergency is because a pet is in the home. Pets are also one of the main reasons people may try to return to their homes before local authorities have declared it safe to do so, risking lives in the effort to save beloved pets. If the situation is not safe for people, it is not safe for pets; never leave pets behind.

SART encourages all pet owners to evacuate with their animals, if it is recommended, to prevent endangering human and animal lives, including those of first responders. People with pets may be hesitant to evacuate unless they have identified a place they can shelter safely with their animals. If you need help finding a public shelter that will accept you and your pets, contact your County Emergency Manager and pay attention to public messaging. You can also check the Ready NC shelter page

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