Answers Are In Blue

1.  I have just heard about an animal disaster and I want to help.  What do I do to deploy as a SART volunteer?

If you HAVE NOT had SART training and credential verification, you cannot deploy as a SART volunteer.  In addition, we encourage you not to deploy as an independent for reasons of your own liability and safety, and in respect to those at the disaster site who are trying to manage the situation. 

If you HAVE HAD SART training and have completed ICS 700, ICS 100, HazMat Awareness and SART 101, contact your state and/or county SART coordinator and let them know that you are interested in deployment if SART is requested to do so.  You can do this at http://www.sartusa.org/volunteer

2.  How do I find out if there are SART trainings in my local area?

If your state is SART-certified, you will be given a state SART contact and link to the state web site (if your state is not SART-certified, there will not be any SART contact information).

 3.  I wish to become a SART volunteer but have no training.  Can I still volunteer?

You can volunteer when you have completed the required training, which includes ICS 700, ICS 100, HazMat Awareness and SART 101.  If you are interested in finding out more about this training and your state is SART-certified, then you can contact your state SART.

4.  How can I make a donation to SART?

Go to home page.  From there click on the large blue “Donate” button on the right. Cash donations go to the address indicated.  Via credit card – click on the large green “Go Now” button on the left.  After filling in the required fields, click on the gray “Next” button at lower right.