Companion Animal & Equine

Animal emergencies create danger for animals and their owners. Lack of preparation leads to unnecessary tragedy, human injury and economic loss. As a matter of fact, the number one reason people do not evacuate their homes in an emergency is because a pet is in the home.

Pets are also the number one reason people return to their homes before local authorities have declared it safe to do so, risking lives in the effort to save beloved pets. North Carolina is home to millions of agricultural and domestic animals.


Actually, 60% of households have pets. According to a 1998 pet owner survey by the American Animal Hospital Association, an astounding 80% of pet owners indicate they will risk their lives for their pets! Hurricane Floyd proved to us that people will do almost anything to be reunited with their pets. SART encourages all pet owners to evacuate with their animals to prevent endangering human and animal lives. Click on the links in the link box to learn more about preparing for an emergency if you have pets.

Equine Community

SART partners with equine associations on the state and local level. All equine owners are encouraged to utilize these resources for disaster preparation, and to consider permanent identification, such as microchipping, for their animals.